Spilloppdatering 7.4

 Nodland    30 Nov 2023
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Spilloppdatering 7.4 «Chains in the Dark» kommer 5.

Spilloppdatering 7.4 «Chains in the Dark» kommer 5. desember!

  • Med Game Update 7.4 vil spillere oppleve nytt område på Ord Mantell kalt Kessan’s Landing,
    spillere vil få nye prestasjoner og omdømmebelønninger i det daglige området,
    ta fatt på FR3-D0M World Boss, og mer!

Detaljer om hva spillere kan forvente av denne nye oppdateringen er nedenfor!

“Chain in the Dark” storyline

Kessan’s Landing is a new Daily Area on Ord Mantell. Players will find that they can complete repeatable missions, and obtain new Achievements and Reputation rewards. There will also be a chain of side missions that will take players all over the galaxy, allowing them to assemble a piece of tech that will be very useful on Kessan’s Landing.

Lane Vizla’s storyline continues on!


Lane Vizla’s story continues in Game Update 7.4 in a series of missions that follows the events of Showdown on Ruhnuk (Game Update 7.2). Throughout these missions, players will be meeting up Lane Vizla herself, an expert in droid history called The Curator, and an assassin droid HK-24 unit.

New World Boss


Players are encouraged to mind their feet and keep an eye out for burning patches of plasma that FR3-D0M tends to leave on the ground during combat. There is a chance that FR3-D0M will drop a unique mount called the Mantellian Separatist Hover Turret.

  • Galactic Trade Network Overhaul
    Gearing Changes
    Cinematic Lighting updates
    New to the Cartel Market

Game Update 7.4 "Chain in the Dark" Teaser


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